Our Story

Runako Connect ...

...was founded in 2019 out the need to create a community for African beauty professionals hair stylists, enthusiasts and beauty product manufacturers and African beauty artists. Runako Connect is a place for sharing our love for our natural beauty, from our amazingly kinky, curly hair, to the many shades of our skin tones and all the glorious ways we express our individuality yet standing as one.  

Runako Connect is here to tell the stories of the innovative business leaders changing the face of the beauty industry with home grown natural products that grew from home made concoctions and are growing into pioneering brands. We want to share the experiences of those that turned a childhood passion for styling hair into inspiring salon brands.  We hope to walk with you in your hair care journey, and share stories of the many beautiful ways in which we express our identity. We know that our Hair is a corner stone of our identity but we also like to have a bit of fun.   


Through our blog we will share with you our personal journey’s our experiences and the lessons we have learnt. We are not perfect, we do not know it all, but we hope that the little that we do know, and share will help you through your own quest to express your unique identity.

In a quest to find the best hairstylists in Harare we discovered that there wasn't any easy and reliable way to find beauty professionals of any type so we set out to solve that problem by creating an amazing app to help you find the best Hair stylists, makeup artists, and beauty professionals in town  all through a few clicks  on your phone.


Our Vision

Empowering the expression of true, individual, beauty and style by seamlessly connecting African Beauty professionals, enthusiasts, and customers.

Our Values

We put People at the center of everything we do.

We value our Teams, and the individuals that are part of them 


They drive the Ideas that propel our success in making meaningful connections


and building Sustainable Communities of like minded individuals and beauticians