Event styles

From weddings to lobola events to birthdays and fancy white parties, the best dress shoes and accessories mean nothing without a show stopping crown in this space we,  not only share the most amazing hairstyles to mark any event, but we give you an opportunity to see the rest of the design elements, dress style and accessories that make up the most glamorous event styles.   

Sundowners on the rocks

As summer starts to make way for winter, its the perfect time for a waterfront sunset events. What better way to make a sizzling entrance to a sunset event than with a vibrant afro print dress with colors that complement the scene and make you the queen of the moment.  crowned with an elegant afro puff and beaded braids.

The hair style used in this concept is a beaded fulani puff. its a mix of beaded twists on the front and beaded 3 strand braids on the sides crowned with an afro puff. A single shoulder dress gives the look some dramatic elegance. The dress and hair style have enough dramatic effect that you do not need to accessorize a lot.  A beaded bracelet or two are the perfect accessory for this look. 


For a more muted yet equally elegant look you could use an African print with a darker color base like black. in this case you can then turn up the heat on the accessories with some golden string earrings. in this variation of the look we have an afro print mohawk with braided sides. the addition of golden braid clips complements the earrings and elevates the style even further.

Model: @imara_maria

Model: @wathu_1
Design & Photography: @alterego_photos