Modern Traditional 

The styles we show case here are a modern take on some traditional African styles. bringing the old into the modern age with a bang. In a lot of African cultures, intricate and beaded hairstyles were a status symbol. The more intricate and elaborate the style the more prestigious it was. 

Bantu Knots

This age old style is a simple protective style that does not take long to create, which is perfect if you don't a lot of time to spend in the salon or even if you want to do it yourself, (we have tutorial for that down below). 

Brisa's Hair and Glam however managed to elevate this hairstyle with some fine creativity and a pop of color, making it worthy to rock as a go to summer style which works well with summer dresses and can even works well with water activities like pool parties and beach days.


Bantu Knots have been showing up in the mainstream more and more with famous people like Rihanna and Beyoncé  wearing different versions of the style. However this version from Brisa Hair and glam stands out for its uniqueness, with the beaded braid making giving it a more royal look

If you would like to try and recreate the style yourself then you can watch this simple tutorial from VeeDaisy.

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