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3 ways to wear your marley braid

Natural hair is fun, beautiful and versatile but also very delicate. You may want to just rock that glamourous afro for a while without worrying about your hair drying out, breaking or knotting together. With all else that we have going on in life sometimes we just don’t have the time or mental capacity to deal with our hair but at the same time cannot just let it go and walk around looking like a mad woman. We have good news for you, imagine having long natural hair, that doesn’t shrink during a humid day, dry out on a hot one and not having to worry about length retention. VeeDaisy brings you this edition of ‘fake it till you make it’ as she tries out this kinky marley braiding hair from Darling in a medium length crochet afro. Check out the video to learn how you can use this hair to crochet it yourself and get this natural looking afro while still protecting your own hair.

The braiding hair from Darling looks like blown out 4B/C hair, has very little shrinkage and a lot of volume. It is good quality braiding hair which has no shedding and even comes with a crochet hook in the packet. One of the best qualities of the hair is its versatility. You can use it in different ways to make different styles which means you can rock it in a different style week after week and still have it looking fresh each week. One thing you have to be concious of though is that, the hair feels hard even when you try to moisturize it and this can make it a little hard to manipulate.

To help you get started here are three different ways you can use the hair.

Crochet afro

As you would have seen in the video tutorial, you can use the hair to give yourself a full afro of your own desired length. Since you crochet the hair it can look really natural especially if you use the invisible technique that VeeDaisy used on her part. The advantage of this hairdo is that you can still style the hair if you feel like changing it up just as you would with your natural hair without having to undo. It’s an easy way to rock your afro without worrying about damaging your hair since it is also a protective style.

Faux Locs

For all the ladies that love locs without having to commit to the permanency of locking your own hair, faux locs may just be your thing. You can use the marley braiding hair to wrap around your natural hair to create the look. You can play around with colors and different textures of the hair to give yourself highlights and dimensions to the style such as with goddess locs. This is also a protective style and really helps with length retention of your natural hair

Natutal hair updo