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African Extracts: Rooibos classic range review

As Africa day approached, many took the time to celebrate and commemorate the things that make us who we are and that we are part of this continent as a whole. Being the diverse and colorful culture treasure trove that this continent is, our various expressions of beauty has always been a big part of this and even though it has evolved over the years and differs from region to region in definition, some age old secrets have been brought into the modern world. Rooibos is one such traditional ingredient that has become foundational in the modern development of products that span a variety of industries from the refreshing tea in the food and beverage industry to the extracts included in beauty and skincare products.

The politics of rooibos and its patenting dispute spans over decades but its classification with geographical indication has gone a long way to protect the traditional knowledge of the Khoi and San people of the Cederburg Mountain range region which is the area to which the plant is indigenous and exclusively found. This protection allows for the development of the local community to which the plant belongs and has allowed local South African companies to also develop and market their rooibos based products on an international level, while ensuring that those that buy the products know they were sourced from the stated origin.

One such company that has a whole line of skin care products that is rooibos based is African Extracts. We tried out their classic range which is recommended for normal/combination skin based on the skin quiz that is readily available on their website.

This review includes from the classic range the face wash, exfoliating face scrub, cleansing lotion, toner, night cream, tissue oil and moisturizer from the purifying range. At the end of this article we included what you can expect overall when using this range based our review of the products, tips on how to get the best results from the products and our recommendation on how to use the products.

Deep cleansing Face wash (classic)

The face wash does not lather much due to its gentle foaming action and has a mild but pleasant fragrance. It is not striping hence leaves your skin feeling soft but not dry or tight. It is not as deeply clarifying though and just using it alone can leave you feeling like your face is not completely clean. It removes makeup but may need a double wash to completely get rid of everything especially the eye makeup which can be harder to remove

Exfoliating Face scrub (classic)

Keeping in line with their use of natural extracts, the scrub uses apricot seeds instead of micro beads as the exfoliator. The seeds are not as highly concentrated hence give a gentle scrub though it has a higher rooibos leaf extract component which removes the dead cells while soothing skin. Over use of the scrub can leave your skin feeling dry and continuously exfoliating leading to bruising. Its better to use the scrub about once a week to get good results without over exfoliating.