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Afrobotanics - Wash day product review

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Afrobotanics is one of the very first African natural hair product ranges that I was exposed to when I went natural a few years ago and it was readily available on my student budget. Their goal to help women express beauty through natural hair and embrace their true selves is embodied in their mantra, “My own kind of beautiful” . It felt like a call to the queen within and definitely spoke to the needs of someone embarking on a new natural journey. Empowering African females seems at the core of their brand and the educational African queen names and stories on some of their products make for fun quick reads while highlighting and celebrating some historic African figures that are otherwise not given the platform they deserve.

These days a lot of product manufacturers formulate ranges that incorporate a key ingredient or two with the different products in the range designed to work together and complement each other. This principle sounds great as this should take out the uncertainty of trying to mix and match Shampoo's, conditioners, creams and oils in order to get the best results for your hair. So we decided to put a whole range of Afrobotanics products to the test in a wash day routine, to see how much of a difference it makes to use a single range, instead of mixing it up. As always we are hear to give you an objective review and recommendations to help you in your hair care routine. Check out the review video below and see VeeDaisy go through her wash day with nothing but Afrobotanics products.

Before the wash

The Mukaya African oil blend can be used as a prepoo to help with moisturizing, detangling and overall manageability of your hair during the wash day process. It contains a blend of avocado, baobab, coconut and marula oil which all have nourishing effects and left the hair feeling moisturized. The oil however comes in a spray bottle which becomes harder to grip once your hands become oily from smoothing the product into a section of your hair and also makes it harder to keep track of just how much oil you are adding since it comes out in a spray mist.

Verdict: Mukaya African Oil blend

The Wash

The Black pearl Aloe Shea, sulphate free shampoo has a very thick consistency so a little bit of product goes a long way when using it. It would be advisable to use it in the shower because of how thick it is and how easily it lathers. The product feels and looks gooey almost like a gel. The shampoo did not leave the hair feeling stripped but neither did it feel very moisturized. It did clarify the hair well and due to its easy lather so only one wash was necessary. The product also has good slippage which makes it easier to detangle the hair.

The Verdict: Black Pearl Aloe Shea Shampoo