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Atara Beauty - satin hair products review

As we celebrated women's day this month we did it by putting together all the things that make life easy for all the busy women out there hustling. Every now and then you have to show your self some love. One way of making sure you are ready to start the day on a high note each morning is by making sure your hair is taken care of before you call it a night. Vee Daisy takes us through how you can use Satin products to protect your hair and reduce the likelihood of bad hair days. Check out Vee's review of Atara beauty products below.

Atara means crown and their dedication is to restoring crowns with luxury products. They are a female owned South African brand that identifies as both a hair care and self-care brand aiming to provide both the tools and the education that people need to practice self-love. A customized gift package option where you select items from their store and basically build your own package is convenient and makes the experience more personalized. For this review we opted to do the customized gift package based on their satin hair care products which included a bonnet, pillow case, hair band and hair ties (scrunchies). Their packaging really made the unboxing moment even more special as it was neatly put together and packed in a pretty aesthetic way.

The bonnet and pillow case come as a matching set and these are important for protecting your hair while you sleep. We have talked about how a lack of a night time routine can be bad for your hair before and these are a good addition to your night time hair care. The fabric and the stitching of the products was of really good quality, strong and looked durable. The pillow case comes in handy on days you forget to put on your bonnet since you continue to protect your hair without having to think about it. The satin bonnet however had a really tight elastic which may be great for making sure it does not slide off your head in the middle of the night but restricts blood flow and may become uncomfortable to wear over an extended period of time.

Hair bands are good for protecting your edges while you are washing your face or going through your skin care routine, absorbing sweat while doing energy extensive work such as exercising and helping your edges to lay properly without being too harsh on the hair. The Atara hair bands are aesthetically pleasing and have an elastic at the back that allows for easy wearing and adjustability. The satin quality was good and the band can easily be worn as a fashion accessory besides its functional uses.

The hair ties can be used in many different ways for a variety of styles and to hold up your hair while styling it. Since they are made with satin they will have more slippage which reduces the chances of them snagging on your hair and causing breakage. They also will not dry out the hair while holding it in place. The scrunchies in this package came in matching colors to the bonnet and the head band. The hair ties are a little on the big side though so they will be visible in your hairstyle when you use them which can work as a fashion accessory but could also limits what you can wear with it in case it clashes.

“Don’t wait for someone else to offer you the love you want and deserve. Start being intentional and actionable about how you love yourself. It makes all the difference” – Jessicah Pierre

One of the biggest lessons we got this month was that you need to be intentional about the love you deserve. You teach people how to treat you based on how you value yourself and you cannot seek validation from the love someone else shows you unless you intrinsically know and understand your own worth. The month of love may be coming to an end but your self-love journey does not need to end as well. The more you intentionally seek out your own joy or happiness, the more you will glow and just be a beautiful beacon of radiance. Gifts are a universal love language and this personalized hair care box can be a good starting point for yourself or even the other queens in your life. Do you have a favorite satin hair care product? We would love to hear what it is or how you find these products if you do try them.