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Aunt Jackie's Oh so clean shampoo review

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Every great hair care routine starts with a great shampoo and conditioner. Many hair enthusiast and stylists swear by different products that they claim have worked wonders for them. We too have been trying to figure out which products out there are the best not only do us, but for you and your unique hair. It is only natural then that we decided to go on a quest to seek out the ultimate wash day products and bring you our 100% objective, unbiased reviews of what we've tried over the next few weeks. Today we start with the "Oh SO Clean, Moisturizing & softening Shampoo" from the internationally acclaimed Aunt Jackie's line of hair care products. I spent the last few weeks using it in my wash day routine in order to get a balanced opinion of how it worked for my hair over a long period of time. So get yourself cozy, sit back and read on to get the tea on my experience with Aunt Jackie's

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One of the first things you will note about the AJ shampoo is the scent. It easily perfumed the whole bathroom without being overpowering and that made the whole wash process a form of aroma therapy which was more enjoyable. The product has a lightweight formulation which lathers easily in warm water as long as the hair is completely wet. This meant that just a fifth of the 177 ml bottle was more than enough for a complete cleansing of my whole head which for the record usually takes a whole lot more shampoo than recommended on the bottle. My hair became noticeably softer as soon as the shampoo was applied and this made it more manageable in the detangling process. The presence of shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil in the shampoo can probably be attributed for this intense softening property it has. It also has good clarifying properties and there was no build up left or even present on the hair a week after using the shampoo.

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On the flip side, the shampoo has a surface drying effect which may be due to the limonene and citric acid among other ingredients. This reduced the slippage of my hair while the product was on which is a problem when you are detangling mid wash.

It seemed to have a cuticle closing effect on the hair as I felt that there was reduced water penetration after using the shampoo and any products I used after the wash such as deep conditioning masks, leave in conditioner and oils seemed to sit on the hair without being absorbed.

Since the LCO part of my after wash routine was inadvertently sabotaged by the inability of my hair to absorb most of the products, my hair felt dryer to the touch throughout the week but remained softer than usual which meant the moisturizing conditioning of the shampoo lasted well after the wash day. When used in conjunction with the AJ moisture leave in conditioner, absorption was better but there still was some product that remained on top of the hair strands.


As always you should be aware that the results you get might differ from the ones i had. I have low porosity, medium thickness, high density 4b/c hair and my experience using the shampoo would probably differ from someone with a different hair type. To ensure this review contained details that are somewhat universal possible expectations, other women with different hair types in terms of porosity, density and thickness also used the product and gave feedback on their experience using the product which was all factored in to the compiling of this review. We would love to hear your experience using this product in the comments below. Feel free to also communicate to us how we can make our reviews better and more helpful for you.