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Aunt Jackie’s Quench Moisture intensive leave in conditioner review

One of the must have products for anyone seeking to maintain healthy natural hair is conditioner and choosing the right one to satisfy your hair needs can be tricky. Most leave in conditioners are formulated to also be detangling products which means your hair gets nourished while you get rid of those pesky tangles at the same time.

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This Quench intensive moisture leave in conditioner from Aunt Jackie’s sure does live up to its name. As seems to be the norm with AJ products, it smells wonderful and has a very light weight formulation. The seemingly almost runny consistency of the conditioner makes it easier to spread throughout the hair strands. It has such great slip that it makes detangling easier with much less breakage even from really tangled up knots and allows styling tools to run through the hair easily. This particular trait is one to be careful of though because when too much of the product is applied, it will make the hair harder to grip or hold when styling.

One important thing to note when using this is to follow the given directions on the bottle by making sure hair has at least dried off a little after washing it so that you apply the product on damp and not wet hair. When applied to very wet hair or hair that has water droplets still sitting on top of the strands the product did not seem to absorb easily and would end up also sitting on top of the strands. It can however be applied to dry hair and though this takes more product and a little more manipulation to work the product into the hair, it still deeply moisturizes the hair and makes it easier to handle. When applied the right way and without using too much product, the light weight consistency of the product does not weigh down hair making it ideal even for people with thin or low density hair. The conditioner leaves hair so intensely moisturized that even when applied to dry hair it leaves it feeling almost damp.

It is a water based product which is what one looks for in a good moisturizing leave in conditioner and is also reinforced with glycerin for moisture, marshmallow root extract for slip as well as shea butter and olive oil which soften hair and lock in moisture. Other ingredients such as argan oil and hydrolysed proteins which are known for their ability to repair and strengthen damaged hair are also present in the conditioner.


One important factor to note is that I have low porosity, medium thickness, high density 4b/c hair and my experience using the conditioner would probably differ from someone with a different hair type. To ensure this review contained details that are somewhat universal possible expectations, other women with different hair types in terms of porosity, density and thickness also used the product and gave feedback on their experience using the product which was all factored in to the compiling of this review.

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