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Bald Headed Babes- Zina

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Long hair and the quest to attain it, has long dominated conversation in beauty culture circles to the point where having long hair has almost become synonymous with being beautiful, but the winds of change are in the air and many people are drifting from this notion. As more people seek to be more expressive and unique when it comes to their styling, the paradigm has shifted in amazing ways. Models and trendsetters with an eye for edgy styles are embracing bold and short hairstyles. One such Individual is Zina, who rocks both these styles with effortless elegance. So today we are going to take you through some of her inspirational short hair looks. Zina also takes us through her journey, inspiration and even some tips on how to be a bald headed babe.

What made you cut your hair or have you always had short hair?

I have always had long hair for as long as I can remember myself and in conversations I had in school people always voiced the assumption that I would look terrible in short hair. In my freshman year in college, the change in environment and having new people around me inspired me to want something different as well. I think being around new people also made me bolder as I knew they probably would not be as forthcoming with their criticism or would be less vocal with their opinions compared to people that I was familiar with. After making the decision I simply went to the barber and had the sides cut off. I eventually let it grow out but from then on I started doing short hair styles.

Have you ever had to deal with stereotypes associated with being bald or having short hair?

Not really, they are there but I stopped paying attention to all that hence it just rolls off me. I have encountered people that made fun of me for the look and experienced catcalling when in the CBD. In one incident, this guy went on and on about how girls with short hair and colored hair are crazy, ratchet and can never be anything decent or good. I just tune these particular types of people out and focus on just projecting confidence in how I look.

You seem to embrace this aesthetic and boldly rock it, how do you deal with the preconceived notions of associating long hair with beauty?

Lockdown and the current global culture means we are living in the streets of social media which opens you up to diverse images of beauty. Everyone wants to be unique and not look like anyone else and I believe the people you surround yourself with also impact how you see these things. I went completely bald from the short tinted look after I lost my mum but I thought I would wear a wig. After I rocked the look one day, I got positive feedback from the people around me so I decided to just keep it going. Modelling gave me confidence and that helps me rock it and not be swayed by these stereotypical attitudes and notions. Confidence is key. When you own it, that will make anything look wow.

What has been your experience in the beauty industry or how has your choice of hair been perceived by clients or agents as a model?

Modelling is creating an example and thrusts you into the position of role model. In this era of embracing blackness and our African-ness the look tends to go in line with this aesthetic for a lot of people and brands. It also projects confidence as most people’s first impression is ‘you are so bold to be able to rock that’ and can also be viewed as a form of authenticity.

Check out Zina's Instagram profile to get more inspirational looks. You can also take a look at our style book for more inspiration on short hairstyles. If you are considering cutting your hair, or have already cut your hair we would love to see your journey. Share your experience with us and you could get featured in our style book, we would love to see how your journey turns out. You can tag us on any of our socials or in our blog comments and show us how you look as a bald headed babe.