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Hang On To Your Edges

A lot of people think losing your edges is a normal part of growing out your hair and I used to be one of them until recently. I mean some of us actually lay our damaged hair and call it baby hairs when in fact it is just hair that has broken off and thinned out to the point that it looks like baby hair. Now I know laid edges look really cute and sometimes just elevate a hairstyle to become so much more, but it should not be at the cost of the health of your hairline. It is possible to grow out your hair and enjoy the many styles our natural hair’s versatility allows us without suffering traction or worse yet alopecia along the hairline. Here are some dos and don’ts to guide you in regrowing and maintaining your edges.

Don’t constantly pull and tug or fuss over your hairline. Your edges do not need to always be laid or even brushed down. We tend to over manipulate our edges regardless of what style we may be rocking. The daily brushing and laying in an effort to make it look neater makes the hair weaker and leads to hair loss. You could lightly spray your edges with a hydration mix or use an oil to tame the edges into a presentable state.

Do pay special attention to the hairline. The hair on your edges is already weaker in general and probably comes into contact with more situations that can damage it. When applying makeup, when removing it or when cleansing your face, the products you use most likely come into contact with your hairline and all this can cause weakness to the hair. This means your hair requires special attention when moisturizing and oiling it.

Don’t get hairstyles that tightly pull on your edges. This includes braiding, corn rows and even the easy go to bun or puff. Pulling on the edges causes tension on your scalp and hair which can either pull out the hair from its roots or break it in the middle. When plaiting jumbo braids or other styles that may be heavy on the hair, the ratio of hair to braid has to be carefully manipulated so the style does not pull on your edges. Another tricky issue that people may not realize is that even if you get loose braids but still tie them up tightly, the damage will still occur. Be proactive and ensure that your stylist does not pick on your edges

Do use oils. Jamaican black castor oil and other heavy oils can be used by applying them to your edges regularly for growth. Aromatic oils such as peppermint oils can be used to massage your scalp to improve blood flow along the edges and stimulate hair growth.

There are many home remedies and recipes available for regrowing your hairline and we would like to hear what has worked for you in the comments below.

Written by KinkyKrownofGlory

Image cedits: Shuuter Stock