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How to reduce breakage during Washday

1. “Thou shalt always work in sections”

Okay I know this is not an official commandment but trust me, it is the golden rule of natural hair wash day. Sectioning helps with manageability and gives your arms a much needed break.

It makes it easier to execute any tasks since you only have a small section to do at a time while the rest of the hair is out of the way and there is considerable decrease in tangling as well. Most importantly though sectioning ensures that every part of your head gets products and attention.

Evenly distributing the products throughout your hair is important for good health and this helps reduce the amount of hair that breaks off during the detangling and

other stages of your wash-day especially in the back. Giving equal attention to all sections of the head makes it easier to spot problem areas or any issues that could have gone unnoticed while taking a toll on the overall health of your mane.

2. Prepoo

This simply stands for pre-shampoo and even if it feels like extra work, you will appreciate the results. A prepoo treatment adds moisture and slippage which are two keystones in reducing breakage.

Dry hair is brittle and when you start to manipulate it, it will definitely be prone to break off. This is why ensuring addition of moisture to your hair through prepoo is of utmost importance to reduce this dilemma.

Natural hair due to the kinks, coils and curls has the tendency to snag and tangle and trying to run a detangling tool through those snags can lead to breakage. Slippage is basically lubricating the hair to help smooth out the process and reduce the snags. There are different types of prepoo treatments, from products available on the market to easy DIY recipes (you can look out for our upcoming article on this).

To learn all you need to know about prepoo, you can leave any questions you have in the comments section and i will answer them.

3. Throw away that comb!

Unless you are holding a wide tooth comb, then it should not go anywhere near your hair. It is important to use the right detangling tools otherwise you will just be ripping out your own hair. The curls in our hair increase the points of contact the comb has with the hair strands and this makes them very fragile and sensitive to stress. Combs are not the enemy really, most were just invented for straight hair so when your use it on your curly hair, it strains it and causes breakage. A wide tooth comb and other detangling brushes that are designed for natural hair reduce the points of contact hence cause less breakage. When in doubt, stick