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Kids Washday featuring Aunt Jackie's products

These days a lot more parents put much more thought into the products they use on their children's hair and are embracing keeping the hair natural. Gone are the days when it was common to relax a child's hair just to make it easier to manage. To some it might still seem daunting to find the right products for their kids. Children are really tender headed then add to that their short attention spans and that does not make for an easy wash day. There is always the risk of probably making the kids start to resent their hair or wash day due to the pain, how long it takes and any other not so pleasant factor that they may have to endure. It is always our job as parents or caregivers to find a way to strike a balance between what is comfortable for the kids and what also looks good and presentable.

VeeDaisy tried out Aunt Jackie’s girls curls line of products including those specifically formulated for kids to see how well they worked and how they impacted the whole wash day. She takes us through the wash day process in the video below and this article details how she found each product.


The oil was light and easy to penetrate the hair which is one thing you would probably like. Unfortunately I couldn't get their new packaging with the nozzle so I used the old one with a spray nozzle which made for a difficult grip when spraying. It doesn't have a strong fragrance but rather just has a light pleasing scent

Heads up shampoo

It’s really light weight, has a pleasant scent and lathers on the hair well. It doesn't contain drying or harmful ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, mineral oil or petroleum. The shampoo was indeed moisturizing and softening even after having washed the hair 3 rounds but because it’s light, more product needed to be used at a time making it less long lasting.

Soft and sassy softening deep conditioner

It’s not ideal for children with type 4c hair as its extremely light weight which makes it feel like it's not working unless you take quite a large amount of product to use when detangling. The best time to use it to detangle is to leave it in the hair for at least 20min to maybe an hour with heat, not during application. The conditioner really lathered on the hair which was a little confusing as you don't usually expect a conditioner to lather. It has a pretty strong scent which we didnt enjoy at all. This was my least favorite item on the collection.

Knot Having it Leave in conditioner

This conditioner has very good slippage and feels a little bit oily making for ea