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Knots and Tangles

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

The Entanglements we all fall into.

Life is full of twists and turns that lead us into entanglements we may not have seen coming but they seem to find us all regardless. None are more common than the knots and tangles that plague our hair. Every curly headed natural has had to deal with the fairy knots, tangles and mattes that sometimes just make you want to rip out all of your hair. It may sound crazy but I have come to understand knots and tangles through analogies based on life’s connections so allow me to take you on a journey as we learn about the causes, prevention and how to deal with these.

Fairy knots are single strand knots that occur when hair coils upon itself. The oval like shaped hair follicles of curly headed people cause the hair to grow in a coiling manner which makes it prone to these type of knots. It is like how when we are too focused on ourselves we get wrapped up in our own thoughts and situations thus putting ourselves in a bind. Sometimes these single strand Knots capture adjacent hairs making even bigger knots just like how we loop other people into our issues as a result of our proximity and interactions . People with high density hair have to deal with more tangles than most. The more closely your hair is packed together increases its chances of interacting and the more likely it will tangle.

We connect at our points of vulnerability and the same is true for our hair. Jagged cuticles and other forms of damage cause the hair strands to tangle when they come into contact with each other. jaged cuttilces can be a result of dry hair or damage due to the rubbing of your hair on surfaces such as towels, pillowcases or even hoodies. The open cuticles catch other hair strands as the rub past leading to the strands tangling and matting together. The longer your hair grows the more prone it is to tangles.

Failing to deal with these entanglements properly can bring you pain. I am talking about the hair ones in this case, the other ones too but let’s focus on hair for now. Prevention is better than cure so it is always better to try to keep the hair from tangling in the first place.

Slippage is the goal, anything that reduces friction between the hair strands and with any external materials will help reduce tangling. Silk or satin pillowcases, bonnets and even satin lined hoodies will help in this area. Oils help to lubricate the strands by coating the cuticles to reduce friction and this makes them less likely to tangle as they stride over each other. Using products that increase slippage such as detangling conditioners also helps to unwrangle already existing knots while also preventing future ones. Products that have silicones in their composition are usually high in slippage.

Nomatter your hair type, we all have to deal with knots and tangles at some point and time and how you navigate it can make all the difference for the health of your hair. What are some of your favourite detangling products? We would like to know and maybe even check them out.

Written by: @KinkyKrownof Glory

Image credits, shutterstock, 123RF