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Ndanaka- Honey & Back soap face wash review

For a long time, African skin care meant looking for western products that were designed for fairer skins and looking for the ones that worked the best in achieving the results we wanted. Many of us knew there was something missing on the shelves of skin care aisles in shops and pharmacies across Africa, but couldn't quite articulate it. We are fortunate though that within this great continent there are a few who were insightful enough to see the problem, and decide to do something about it. One such company working to address this gap is Ndanaka. Taking inspiration from the age old ingredients of African black soap that have proved successful for generations before in Western Africa, and applying these in a modern context, Ndanaka has attempted to bring an age old African skin care product into the modern age with their honey & black soap face wash with the goal of allowing users to attain all the benefits of black soap in a modern skin care routine. We wanted to see how well this worked out so we put it to the test along with the radiance citrus face oil. if you want to know what we found out, check out the review below.

Ndanaka is an African skin care brand on the rise and is aiming to be among the top brands in the southern African region. Their products focus on addressing hyperpigmentation, skin brightening and glow. One of the skin care issues that a lot of people contend with is oily skin. The face wash and oil duo we reviewed is formulated to regulate oil production hence can be used by people that struggle with acne or have oily skin. The face wash is meant to cleanse without being harsh on skin. It contains antioxidants and other ingredients that aim to firm skin, improve skin tone, soothe dry/irritated skin and act as a gentle exfoliating agent to remove dead skin cells. The radiance face oil has a combination of oils that give your skin the boost it needs while it targets blemishes on skin and claims to even out skin tone with continued use. It can be used as a moisturizer after washing your face, be worn under make up, mixed in your foundation to add more moisture and a glow to your routine, it can be used as a cuticle oil or you can add some drops into your body cream for extra moisture.

“But first, skin care!"

It can be said that beauty begins with good skin and this point is based on the principle of making sure the foundation is sound before starting anything. The condition of your skin will determine how well your make up will sit. Heathy Skin provides the inner radiance and glow that shines through and even helps raise your level of confidence or self-esteem. I am sure we all remember a time when we did not feel like going to school because our face was breaking out due to all those teenage hormones. The condition of your skin can really have an impact on how you feel or see yourself hence like most good things in life, we need to be intentional about attaining our skin care goals. It is therefore fortunate that we now have a much wider choice of home grown African products designed to address these skin care issues

The first step to healthy radiant skin is to actually have a skin care routine. This has to be specific to you as all skin is different. You need to understand the good and bad sides of your skin so your routine is uniquely tailored to suit you. Identifying the problem areas that you want to target so you can get products that address those issues is of the utmost importance.

One such issue is breakouts, which are caused by a buildup of oil and dirt trapped in the skin epidermal layers. There are a lot of factors that affect the rate of sebum and oil build up in the sebaceous glands under our skin so it is a good practice to keep a journal of the times you have break outs. over time reviewing this journal will help you identify common or repetitive triggers. It could be anything from hormones, to the use of certain products or even diet, stress and medication. Knowing the triggers will help you preempt the break outs. Finding something to combat this oiliness then becomes a second line of protection to ensure continually heathy skin. There are other skin issues such as hyper pigmentation (dark spots), dry skin, uneven tone etc which you might also have to address with your skin care routine. Record all these in your skin journal so that you can refer to it when thinking of selecting new products and so you remain objective. It is easy to get swayed by advertising, so keeping an objective record you can always refer to will save you money and disappointment. It is all about finding out what products work for your skin, how best they work and being consistent with them to see real results that last.