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Sorbet spa facial (Dermalogica) treatment

It is women’s history month and yes we are our ancestors’ wildest dreams. For all the struggles that are still yet to be addressed there has also been a lot of progress and it is worth celebrating ourselves as women which is one thing at Runako Connect that we are always about. With all the responsibilities we are always tackling as women from careers to taking care of the family and everything else in between, it sometimes is hard to take a moment for yourself. This month we have decided to bring you some ideas for self-care hacks that are affordable, and time saving that are just about giving you the time to show yourself some love. We don't always have time to take proper care of our skin. the best way to show your skin some love while saving time is to make a quick spa visit and let the professionals do it for you. Tatenda took us through her experience going for her first ever spa facial and brings us the low down on if it was worth going to a professional. check out the review video below.

For her facial, Tatenda used Sorbet, South Africa, which is a nationwide beauty brand that offers services for professional facials, nail treatments, waxing, massages and much more. She opted for a ProSkin30 facial which is a facial done in 30 minutes using Dermalogica products and it costs R350. The skin therapist recommended getting the facial once a month and anyone with any skin type can go for this treatment. The process entailed; double cleansing, exfoliation, masque, toning, eye cream application, serum application and moisturizing. There is face mapping as well where your skin gets examined after the facial is almost complete to identify any issues you may have and give you information on your skin type which helps you when purchasing products. All this is delivered with the most relaxing face and neck massaging process, a light steamer above you and some calming ambient music. The best part about it is the sample Dermalogica products they give you to take home, for you to try out in the comfort of your own home.


This facial is for both women and men so you can make a date out of it and spend a little quality time with your significant other while getting pampered. A little tip for the ladies, wearing a strapless bra when you go for the treatment is convenient seeing as the massage is done from the chest, neck and to the face. Believe us when we say every woman needs and deserves to get a facial at least once in their life or better yet make it a regular experience and pamper yourself like the queen that you are. Its especially great on those days when you need a pick me up to relax you and uplift your spirit.