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Travelling While Natural

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

This pandemic is the pin that burst everyone's travel plans to the point where trip to the grocery store became the equivalence of a vacation for a lot of people in this #Lockdown. The easing of restrictions as the economy starts to open up again has however made travel possible once again as a lot of holiday destinations open up for local tourism. This kind of got us thinking about what it means to be a curly haired traveler and some basic guidelines on how not to derail the health and progress of your natural hair journey while on your vacation.

Protective styles such as braids or cornrows are probably a safe way to travel. they reduce the amount of day to day care you need to put in and also allow you to do more activities without worrying so you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest while not sacrificing the health of your hair. you will still need to moisturise and condition it as usual while it is in its style but other than that your hair is pretty much safe. Now we all know though that those beautiful scenic sunset pictures just look like works of art with your coily kurls krowning your head in all their glory so sometimes the protective style just will not do. so here are some hair care guidelines to help you get the best of both worlds

It is hard to do a proper #washday while on your vacation because who has the space to pack all those bottles of products right? Do not even think about touching the hotel provided little bottles because they are usually chemical based and not really formulated for African hair so you could do more damage than good. Here is a fuss free, vacation friendly alternative, just carry your cowash or rinse out conditioner. You can use this as a mini version of a wash day and it is not time consuming so you can do it while you are in the shower. This will especially come in handy if you spent quite some time in the pool without a swimming cap because the chlorine will strip your hair of moisture and protein making it dry and brittle. A swimming cap is a must have but if it does not fit or you simply do not have one then always condition your hair after every swim.

A hydration milk, liquid leave in conditioner or simply your water bottle with its #DIY aloe and oils formulation is a great way to keep your hair moisturized and conditioned daily. Spritzing your hair at night before you braid it for sleep can make sure you have a shiny curly braid out or twist out in the morning that will definitely look amazing in pictures and move in the wind when you want it to. It is less time consuming and after a day of fun and activities can be a quick and easy wind down before hitting the sack. If you are a lazy natural and even braiding your hair for bed feels like too much work then just spritz it with the conditioner then tie it up in a pineapple puff with your satin scarf. Of course you know by now how materials such as the cotton of hotel pillowcases strip your hair of moisture and cause it to tangle so your satin head scarf or pillowcase is a must have on any holiday you take.

With these simple techniques and three essential items- cowash, Leave in conditioner and satin headscarf, you will be equipped for that much needed vacation the healthy natural way. What available destinations are you looking forward to checking out as the #lockdown restrictions ease up?