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Winter hair care tips

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

maintain healthy hair through the changing seasons

The season change can be rough on your hair and you need to make adjustments not only to your wardrobe but to your hair care routine as well so you can maintain the health of your mane. Here we have tried to put together some of the common mistakes that people make when it comes to winter hair care and address them for you. Why should you suffer through hair loss and another rough winter when your favourite hair care guide blog is here right?

1) Get a Protective Style

...but in moderation please! Putting your hair away in a protective style is really good because it does exactly what it says, protects. It tucks away your strands from being constantly exposed to the harsh elements such as the cold air hence protecting it from the effects of it. It also lasts longer so it stops you from constantly manipulating your hair which we know is not good for length retention. Just be sure not to overdo it with the protective styles.

Leaving your hair up in a style for too long without any kind of attention is also bad for its health and can lead to breakage or knots when you take it out. Try to get styles that you can still moisturize your hair in or at least refresh the style every two weeks to allow your hair to get some TLC. Check out the stylebook for some inspiration on what protective styles to get this winter.

2) Constantly Moisturize

The cold air makes your hair dry out fast and lose its moisture which makes it brittle and rough textured. This can increase hair loss and breakage. You need to moisturize more often during the winter to prevent this. Even when your hair is in a protective style, moisturizing mists and plain old water are your friends. Spritz your hair with the moisturizer constantly and on wash days always deep condition. This will make all the difference in how your hair fairs out the season.

3) Oils are Your Friend

Hair oils are sealants, meaning they can be used to coat the hair shaft sealing in the moisture you have already added so it is not easily lost. Always use oils to seal in moisture when you moisturize. Most oils do not penetrate the hair shaft but form a protective layer on top of it. This will protect your hair as well and it does not hurt that they give a beautiful shine too. You can use the oils in the form of a butter or as their liquid state to coat your hair strands and also on your scalp even while you have your protective style on. A healthy scalp means healthy roots and healthy hair. The more natural or organic the hair oil, the better.

These are just the basic tips on winter hair care and if you have any questions or other hare care issues you want to talk about just leave it down in the comments.