Short Hair

A lot of people find it difficult to make the decision to do a big chop when they are transitioning to natural, mostly because they are worried about how they will look with short hair and how long they will have to spend with that short hair. Then there are those who have bravely embraced the styles as a means of unique self expression.  Short hair styles have been a part of African culture in many different forms with differing meaning and significance depending on where in Africa you are. quite a few of us had to endure having our hair cut at the start of school term in high school as our mothers said it would make the hair easier to manage. One thing is for sure though, there is a growing number of trend setters that are bringing these styles into the fore front and wearing them with pride and confidence. scroll through and find all the amazing inspiration from amazing women that rock short and bold stylers.

Zina - almost bold

Zina - Short Blond