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Artist in Focus

Through our Artist in focus articles, we celebrate people pushing the boundaries of all things beauty and leading the way by creating new trends, styles and giving us new perspectives on African beauty. They are the icons, the trend setters and style makers we all look up to.

DIY Hair Styling

For those who want to change their look frequently and save some money in the process, We have a collection of some awesome DIY styles that you can create yourself. Try them out and level up your style game. For more DIY styling check out the style book pages above for more braid, Natural Hair, Dreadlock and other styles.  

DIY curly End Box Braids

In this video I show you how do curly end box braids aka DIY goddess long box braids.

By: Tatenda Henany 

Instagram: @tatendahenany

DIY Bantu Knots with Extensions

in this beginner friendly video we join Vee Daisy for a beginner friendly super cute bantu knots tutorial. Bantu Knots are fast becoming a go to style for many naturalistas. 

By: vee Daisy 

Instagram: @veedaisy

DIY Senegalese Rope Twists

In this video I show you how to do DIY Beginner Rope Twists/ Senegalese rope twists by Xpression and SensationnelZA send them to me as a PR Gift to try out.

By: Tatenda Henany 

Instagram: @tatendahenany

DIY Slick Down 4C Natural Hair with Faux High Top Bun

In this video I show you how I slick down my 4c natural hair and apply 4 different styles

By: Tatenda Henany 

Instagram: @tatendahenany

For more DIY hair styles check out the style book pages below and learn new ways to mix up your style